first aid


The subcutaneous tissue between the skin and the muscle of a dog is an ideal nutrient rich place for bacteria to grow. Foreign materials, bacteria and parasite would cause this tissue to be inflamed. This infected swelling or sac is filled with a brown, yellow or green colored liquid that is smelly and often tinged …

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Electric Shock

A new puppy can be the source of joy of the family. Unfortunately, raising one can be a tedious task especially if the puppy is not yet housebroken. Owners would be forever picking things from the floor, always watchful and ready to save things from the growing teeth of the puppy. One of the things …

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Allergic Reactions

Allergic reaction in dogs is not a flippant matter. Like humans dogs suffer from allergic reactions too. Unfortunately, unlike humans dogs do not have the capacity to discern the cause of their allergies thus they end up suffering from itchiness and from swollen faces over and over again. . It is therefore the responsibility of …

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