first aid


Dehydration is serious; your pet dog can lose its life from dehydration. Unlike humans who can recover quickly from dehydration by cooling off and by drinking water, some dehydrated dogs would not want to take water and some may not be able to intake liquid. Dogs get dehydrated easily because the sweat glands that are …

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When we hear the word diarrhea watery stool would often come to mind. Actually diarrhea has a broader definition that encompasses abnormal defecation. This means that the dog may be straining and attempting to defecate but only passes gas; softer and watery stools, cow pie type stools that have abnormal color and odor. Diarrhea is …

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Dog Bites

Dogs are hierarchical and territorial animals. Putting them together for the first time would often result to dog fights. Sometimes dog bites would result from aggressive play. A dog¬ís jaw can deliver from 200 to 400 pounds per square inch of tremendous pressure on the skin. A seemingly small puncture and bruising can have extensive …

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