How to muzzle a dog

Muzzling a dog may look cruel especially if the dog is injured. Muzzling however is necessary as even the best tempered dog is known to be aggressive if suffering severe pain. It would not be uncommon for the dog to bite as it can not recognize familiar faces.

If no muzzle is available when a dog is injured a homemade muzzle can be fashioned from a piece of gauze. Nylon pantyhose can also be used. Place the strip of material over the dog’s nose and loop under the dog’s chin and tie into a knot behind the ears of the dog. Make sure that the muzzle is secure without being too tight.

A muzzle is used to train aggressive dogs as well as to restrain them from barking too much. These are useful tools that prevent injured dogs from biting. Often dogs are muzzled for trips to the vet, for walking in dog parks where the dog will be faced with unfamiliar people and other animals. Muzzles are also used to prevent dogs from licking surgical wounds.

Apart from the homemade emergency muzzles, quite a number of styles and types are available. From leather to wire to cloth to plastics; from basket styles to open ended styles, these muzzles will be able to restrain a dog from biting and barking. The chosen muzzle however, should be fitted comfortably without hampering the dog’s ability to breathe.

Some owners would use muzzles to prevent the dog from excessive barking. Dogs however should not be muzzled for extended period of time. It can be a most inhumane solution to control the dogs barking. Excessive barking though can be a nuisance especially to the neighbors. Instead of muzzles, barking dogs can be fitted with anti barking collars. These collars are effective in curving the dogs annoying barking behavior.