Grooming is one of the essential responsibilities of a dog owner. Grooming is a necessary maintenance that will make the pet look and feel better. Regardless of breed, a dog would need grooming. This physical maintenance can be a tedious (and at times) a challenging chore but it enhances the bond between pet and owner. A dog has to be accustomed to being touch from the nose to the tips of the toes and this is best started while the dog is still young.

Some dogs would require minimal grooming, others would need extensive grooming but all dogs would benefit from regular physical maintenance. Dogs are social animals. Dogs love to be touched and to receive attention either from other dogs or from the human family. In the wild, dogs in the pack groom each other. The nibbles of the dog’s front teeth not only act as a comb as it also has a calming effect on the pack mate. The close contact when the dog is being groomed will develop a sense of closeness, trust and affection thereby creating a strong bond between the pet and the pet parent.

Dogs enjoy being brushed. Dog brushing, especially on heavy shedding breeds minimizes dog hair inside the house. It is one good way of maintaining the good condition and the beautiful appearance of the coat. And most importantly, with regular grooming, the owner will be aware of developing problems such as parasite infestations and skin infections. Regular ear care, teeth cleaning and bathing are necessary grooming routines that will ensure the pet’s good health and good looks.


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