Grooming responsibilities of a dog owner

Like humans, the hair on a dog’s coat dies and falls out and if it isn’t cared for properly then it gets dirty, in some cases the skin becomes flakey and the fur can get matted a smelly, making for an unhappy and unpleasant dog. Although dogs do lick themselves clean to a certain extent, in today’s modern world it is the owner’s responsibility to groom their dog and keep them healthy and clean, not just for the dog themselves but for the environment they live in.

If you neglect your pet’s fur they can become seriously unhealthy and uncomfortable and believe it or not, dogs feel humiliation just like if you went to the mall with morning hair. In these extreme cases you may need to seek professional help from a dog groomer who may opt to remove the whole coat from the dog, which isn’t a fun experience for neither the dog nor the embarrassed owner that feels upset for ignoring their pet’s wellbeing.

It should never get to the point of coat removal, or even extreme de-matting because it is a painful process, full of yanking and pulling which will cause the dog pain and stress.

Just a few minutes every day of combing down your dogs hair will prevent any of this happening and if after a few weeks they look a little dirty then there’s nothing wrong with a good old bath! Some dogs love it and some hate it, but for continued care it should be done.