The Daily Examination

To maintain the continued care and health of your pet dog it is important to do “the daily examination” to make sure your pooch is fit and healthy with no abnormalities. It is easiest to do this during your daily grooming session or at least at a regular time everyday to get your dog in an easy routine. And if you do it in a loving and playful way they’ll lap up the attention with no problem.

The first few times you’ll be getting used to the feel of your dog and over a week or so you’ll get to know what is normal for them. If a month or so later you notice something different, it may be nothing but you might have also caught something early that can be easily treated.

You do not have to be rough and hurt your dog, just gently run your hand around its head ears, back, sides, legs, chest and abdomen as if you were stroking or petting them. The purpose is to discover any small cuts you may not have noticed, any rashes or skin problems, hair loss or tenderness. It’s also important to check the eyes for any dirt build up or infections and the dog’s mouth for any wounds or sores.

If you notice something different check if it is painful for the dog if you touch the area and monitor it over a few days. If you are not satisfied a trip to the vet is in order.