How to break up a dog fight without getting hurt?

Breaking up a dog fight can be a dangerous thing. If you take your children to the park and two dogs are attacking each other, it can be very dangerous for your children to stay there while the dogs continue, so breaking up a fight can sometimes be necessary.

The key to not getting hurt is to stay out of reach of the dog’s mouth, that is going to be their primary weapon. Don’t put your hands near the dog’s mouth otherwise it might consider you an attacker, as well.

See if there isn’t another person around who is willing to help. With two people it makes it harder for the dogs to attack since they can’t attack more than one person at a time, and hopefully they just won’t attack you or your partner. You’ll want to grab their hind legs and walk them backwards away from each other, in this way the dogs cannot reach you or turn around to bite while still preventing or ending the fight.

If you’re hesitant on stopping the dogs outright, you can also get either a fire extinguisher if present or a type of hose and spray the dog’s face. Not to hurt the dogs, but enough to distract them from the fight. Aim for its nostrils if things get out of hand.

If some sort of hose is not handy, find a type of broom or long stick that can separate the dogs without you getting in between. Also if you have something that is very loud, you can blast it near their ears and that should bring the fight to a stop as well.

Just make sure that no matter what you do, make your safety above the dogs because you didn’t start the fight after all.