How to calm a dog?

It doesn’t make much to upset a dog. Just a couple of knocks on a wall can send it in a tizzy running for the back door. Sometimes this can be a nuissance or could hurt the dog, so it’s always good to know how to calm them down.

The first thing is to get your dog away from the area that is causing him or her stress. If your dog is easily over excited definitely don’t bring it to the park where there are children that are going to want to pet it and play with it. It’s good for your dog to be around people but when it gets to be around the dozens of kids that are sure to be at the park, it might be best to pick a bit quieter place to take your dog for a walk.

Massage is a great way to calm your dog, as well. Not the back smacking, shaking type that most people do with dogs, that type of behavior will only excite the dog even more. The best approach is to do a deep kneading circular motion, smooth and calming. This puts pressure on the dogs back to have it lay down and at the same time the slow motion settles their heart a little bit, too.

You can also get your dog a Kong. A type of pacifier that dogs chew on that are filled with their favorite foods. Some people may choose to stuff beef jerky or cream cheese (things dogs like) in it, in this way your dog can happily chew on something as food takes precedence over any exciting behavior.

Overall, anything you can think of that is relaxing for humans can be applied to animals as well and don’t forget to keep your dog away from strenuous activities.