What can I do for my dog with arthritis?

When a dog gets older, just like with people, it can develop some not so pleasant conditions, arthritis being one of them. Don’t let your dog’s golden years be ruined by something as simple as arthritis. There are a ton of ways you can help your dog out with the problem even if you can’t get rid of it.

The first thing you can do is keep your dog away from cold areas. If he or she is used to sleeping outside in the cold, move him inside. The cold air really gets to them and can cause them to ache non-stop. If you kept them outside afraid that they were going to tear up the house, you won’t have to worry about that anymore, especially if they have arthritis.

Usually bigger dogs will contract arthritis. The weight on their legs can sometimes put a strain on their bones, so if you feed your dog a lot and it’s over weight you’re probably doing more harm than good for it. In your mind you’re thinking they only have a little time left, might as well spoil them. All the while your dog is thinking why does it hurt when I walk. The extra weight only hurts them, so if the dog is overweight. Try putting him on a diet.

Just because they are getting a bit wobbly in the knees however doesn’t excuse them from not exercising. Exercise is necessary until the day they die. It gets them energized and makes them feel younger once more. Don’t over do the exercising, they are old dogs after all, but a moderate amount can actually make your dog feel years younger.

Make sure the dog food you are giving it has the right amount of nutrients and vitamins to keep them strong and going. It’ll improve their bones and help fight back the arthritis if only a little bit. Older dogs can often benefit from food made especially for senior dogs.