What can I give my dog for an upset stomach?

You’d be surprised the sorts of things you can find in your dog’s stomach on any given day. It’s no surprise that they constantly have upset stomachs. If you’re not sure how to settle your dog’s upset stomach, here are some pointers that should help you out.

Ironically, the quickest way to fix your dog’s stomach is to just wait. Don’t feed them any food for 24 hours and see if that doesn’t empty out your dog’s system and fix anything that was causing any problems. If that doesn’t help then that means your dog ate something that could possibly be poisonous, especially if your dog is just laying around the house in a lethargic mood. If that is the case, take your dog to the Vet as soon as you can to have him or her examined.

If it’s an on going circumstance where your dog continues to vomit, then there’s probably something wrong with his or her diet. Check to make sure that you’re not feeding your dog some bad food or just too much in general. When the dog vomits too much it causes dehydration to make sure that his or her bowl is always full of water. That could also be a problem when the dog doesn’t have enough water. It’s more important that they get enough water than food. Hence, why the dog always drinks out of the toilet, but don’t encourage them to do this as they could contract really nasty bacteria.

Stick to food you know that they like and that they can handle. No spicy, or hot foods; those will only cause complications and problems for you in the future. Plain and tasty is exactly what the dog wants and its stomach will thank you for it.