What can I give my dog for constipation?

Depending on what you feed your dog or what your dog gets into, will really affect your dogs behavior. If you don’t feed your dog just the right food it can lead to intestinal problems and ultimately may cause constipation. Here are some ways you can help cure that problem for your pooch.

Usually the number one cause for constipation is lack of fiber. It’s easy to overlook, so the next time you’re out to the store just pick up a bag of dog food that has it. Just like humans, a lack of fiber will bind up even the toughest of stomachs. So just adding some into their diet so clear that right up.

If after you give your dog more fiber they’re still having a problem in using the bathroom try exercising them for a little bit. Getting their heart rate up and getting out in the air may relax them and loosen them up if stress was the causer of the problem. If even after exercising and changing their diet doesn’t work a vet should be contacted. If the problem persists too long there are some very serious gastrointestinal problems that could happen that can be very expensive to fix so $50 going to the Vet is a lot better option.

The Vet will probably give you a type of laxative that will clear up your dog’s system safely and efficiently. It’s best to cure your dog of its problem as soon as possible even if there aren’t medical problems related to it. As if a dog really has to go and they’re in the house when they need to, well, you can probably imagine what is going to happen.