What to do if you find a stray dog?

When you find a stray dog you likely have a wide range of emotions. You may feel bad for the dog, angry with the dog, or angry with the owner for allowing their dog to get free from their yard. You may also wonder if you are going to have to keep the dog, and you may just feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of this innocent dog. The first thing you should do is ensure that you are not going to be bitten by the dog. If the dog appears aggressive whatsoever you should not approach it or make it feel cornered, instead call the local authorities.

If you find a stray dog that is friendly and wanders into your yard the first thing you will want to do is check to see if it has any identification. If it does, try to keep the dog with you while you call the owners. If you can keep it with you for a time let the owner know this, or let them know that you will need to call the animal control or shelter to come pick it up. The worst thing you can do is allow the dog to simply continue on its way, as it could cause car accidents or even get seriously injured or killed.

If you cannot find the owner you have the option of keeping the dog and posting notices in your area, or calling your local animal control or animal shelter to pick it up. Remember that owning a dog is a huge responsibility, especially when you don’t know where the dog has come from, its history, or its overall temperament. Until you determine what you are going to do, you should try to keep the dog in an area where it will be safe until you can get it to a shelter or find its owners. Not only will this make you feel good inside, it will keep the dog safe, and allow for the dog to be reunited with owners, new or old.