What to do if your dog dies?

One of the most heartbreaking situations anyone could ever go through is dealing with the death of their dog. A dog is as important to a family as a son or daughter, and the loss of a dog can be just as painful as losing one of them. Several people deal with this situation differently in order to better help them cope through the pain. There are different things one can do in when their dog has died.

Besides having to deal with the struggle of getting over the death of a beloved dog, one must figure out what they want to do with the body of the deceased dog. There are different options one can decide to choose in order to properly get rid of the dog’s body. The best thing one can do when your dog dies is to call your local vet. They should offer you with either the choice of cremating your dog or disposing of your dog in another way. If they don’t offer a transport vehicle, you can always try and call animal control for them to pick your dog up and dispose of it’s body. In a situation where there is a pet cemetery near by, you can choose to call them and they should offer you a transport vehicle to come and pick your dog up.

If you are an individual who owns their own property, you can always dig a grave and bury your own dog there. Whatever you choose to do, it is important that you choose something that is respectful and dignified. Don’t just throw your dog into the nearby dumpster after they expire. That would be very cruel to do and very wrong.

After your dog has died, make sure to wipe off the areas around the dogs mouth, anus, and genital area because all the muscles get relaxed after they die. Position the dogs legs tucked in so after the body stiffens, there is less likely of a chance for breakage. Wrap a blanket around the dog’s body and place the wrapped dog into a plastic bag and tie it one top. Place this bag into a freezer to eliminate the smell. Losing a dog is like losing a family member, it can be very difficult to deal with. Always make sure to properly dispose of the dog when your dog dies.