Why do dogs cry at night?

Dogs are social creatures that can get lonely if they do not have enough love, affection, attention and the company of a human or other dog. A dog will thrive in the company of its pack, human or canine. Alone, the dog will be made to feel lonely enough to cry at night, when the dark may make the dog feel fearful and magnify the lonely feelings.

From when a puppy is a newborn, it is always in the presence of its mother and littermates. The puppy enjoys the company and thrives on being a part of both its dog and human family. When the puppy leaves to go to a new home, it has to leave its family and the only place it knows.

The puppy will cry at night from loneliness and the fear of being alone in an unknown place. It is important not to get angry at a fearful and crying puppy because then you will become a real object of fright for the puppy, which can make the situation worse.

If, an adult dog has suffered from too much time in confinement, been tied up or removed from contact with other humans and dogs, it may cry at night. Other emotions or reasons that can cause a dog to cry include pain, fear and concern. When other dogs hear a dog crying, it can cause the other dogs to start barking.

A crying dog is an unhappy dog and it is important that you know that is the cause for the crying so that you can remedy the situation for the dog. When you hear your dog crying in the night, your dog is signalling that something is wrong. As your pet, your dog relies on you to listen when it cries for love, attention and care.