Why do dogs eat from cat litter boxes?

Frozen cat feces doesn’t immediately come to mind when someone thinks of desert, but for a dog that’s exactly what was on the menu. It’s not quite clear why dogs love cat feces whether it be outside or in a litter box. It could be the way it feels when they chew it or the taste. There are some explanations to this quirky fact about man’s best friend, though.

Believe it or not, it’s considered a bit weird if the dog never even attempted to try and eat some of the feces out of the cat litter box. Most dogs do it that it’s become a staple for most dogs. That doesn’t mean that if your dog doesn’t go for it you should take him or her to the vet, but just something to talk about around the dinner table.

The dog itself could be sick, as well. It could have a disease or sickness that makes it too hard to eat the food it was given and something a bit more “Fresh” could be what it was searching for. Then again, if you’re feeding the dog any food that just can’t be digested easily, it could opt for eating the feces as that has already been digested once. If the dog persists on raiding the cat litter box it should be stopped.

A quick fix to this disgusting problem would be just placing the cat litter box somewhere where the cat can go, but not the dog. Some suggestions would be to place the box in a room where there is a very small opening that the cat can go through but not the dog. You could also surround the box so that there is only a small opening for the cat box that the dog cannot fit through.