Why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs get sick, this is nothing new to a pet owner. Whether it be just a stomach virus or something they ate (most likely the latter) a dog is going to get sick more often than not. So what is the cure for an upset stomach for a dog?

Eating grass is a typical way of a dog taking aspirin or tylenol. In their minds, eating grass dilutes whatever it was that they were eating before enough so that they can continue eating more garbage. But then another question arrises that doctors aren’t exactly sure of. Which happens first?

Is it that the dog eats grass because of something that it ate earlier that made it sick, or did the dog eat grass because it’s a dog and will do things like that and then get sick because it ate all of the grass. Either way at the end the dog almost always ends up throwing it all back up.

Another explanation is that the dog is simply trying out things that it likes to eat. To the average person, that dog is just eating grass, but to the dog it’s eating a new type of grass. There are many varieties of grass out there and only a dog has the taste and smell receptors to tell the difference between all of them. A lot of people think dogs are carnivores and will only eat meat, but in fact they are omnivores which means that they eat meat and plants. So a dog eating grass necessarily isn’t a bad thing. It could just be something that the dog wanted to try. If your pooch continues this behaviour you may want to get him checked out at the vet making sure he is not ill.