Why do dogs eat paper?

“My dog ate my homework” is not just a clich’ed phrase that is almost in every single after school show ever made. There really is something to dogs eating books and papers. For some reason they just can’t get enough of it. They’ll eat almost any type of paper to boot; newspaper, text books, tissue paper, and, hopefully unused, toilet paper. But why do dogs love to chew on it?

To a dog, paper is just a thing. There isn’t a real reason why they love to eat paper. It’s not like other things which they will eat because they’re sick or maybe because they have an upset stomach. To them, it’s just something to chew on. Like most things, dogs will do it just because they are bored. They sit inside all day long and have no one to play with so they find their own toys in the form of paper.

Also, paper has a good texture that dogs just love to chew into. It’s soft but firm enough where they’ll have to work their jaw a little bit to get all the way through, usually phone books are a preferred source.

Going taste wise, maybe there was food on it from the night before, say a napkin for example. To a dog, it’s a delicacy. Having a trash can full of used paper with all different types of food on it becomes a feast with a little bit of an imagination. The dog also may or may not have a sore tooth and chewing on paper rubs the tooth around and may dislodge it or massage it to help relieve the pain. So if you don’t want your dog raiding the house finding and chewing up any paper it can find. Always make sure the garbage can is locked down and that any other paper sources are out of reach.