Why do dogs eat rocks?

It’s not necessarily considered a meal, but rocks are sometimes exactly the meal your dog was searching for. The rocks have absolutely no digestive value to them (being as they cannot be digested) so why on earth would they even attempt it? They have to know that it can’t be good for them.

If you do see your dog munching on rocks, stop them immediately. It doesn’t take a big brain to figure out it’s going to hurt them. The rocks if large enough can scar your dog’s mouth and intestinal track that could result in injury or even death. The dog may think that it is solving a problem in its own system, but eating rocks is not the way to go.

Some believe that dogs eat rocks out of sheer boredom, perhaps it thinks of the rocks as toys. Others believe that the dog eats the rock because it has some sort of mineral deficiency such as lack of iron. So to make up for it, your dog goes straight to the source to try and balance out its own system. It’s amazing what dogs know even without a single day of science class.

To solve this problem make sure that you’re feeding your pup good dog food that has plenty of nutrients and vitamins to keep him or her up and running. If you discover that your dog is simply bored, get her a toy from time to time to help keep her busy. If your dog continues to eat rocks or dirt, contact your local vet and have him or her take a look at your dog to set it back on track.