Why do dogs fart?

It’s no mystery why dogs fart. Just like any other living creature in the world it’s necessary. But are dog farts any different than those of other animals? What are the differences between dog flatulence and human flatulence? Is there a way to limit it in dogs to help save some noses?

Flatulence in definition is the release of excessive gas in the stomach or intestines. Pretty simple right? So everyone knows what it is, why makes dogs have it?

Dogs in general usually have bad flatulence, whereas to the dog, human flatulence smells good, it’s quite the opposite the other way around. In a matter of seconds the room can be filled with wicked gas from the dog, something that is very unpleasant.

Dog’s flatulence is caused by a few things. One of the things would be its food contents. If you feed the dog a lot of meat (especially low grade) its going to cause the dog to have a lot more gas than if it just ate regular dog food. Actually, any low grade dog food or food in general will cause the dog to produce more gas and it can often be more potent, as well.

Other foods that may cause dogs to pass gas more often are beans, cauliflower, and other things that in general also cause humans to pass gas.

Another way to limit the amount of gas your dog has is to not feed it a lot at one time. Eating fast causes more air to be trapped in the dogs system and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what that’s going to do. So try and give your dog the same amount of food but over 4 or 5 meals rather than one large one. And of course, never forget to exercise your dog as it will improve its over all health and its digestinal track.