Why do dogs scratch the ground?

Dogs tend to scratch the ground for a variety of reasons. They usually scratch becuase it is fun and thus it helps relieve boredom.

In extremely hot or cold conditions dogs may dig a hole in the ground to help control their body temperature. Sometimes though dogs simply scratch the ground to prepare their own bed before taking a rest.

A dog may also scratch the ground or dig holes in order to hide food or toys from other animals.

Some breeds, especially terriers, tend to dig more than other breeds. This is because terriers normally find their prey digging the soil and grass fields.

How to control your dogs digging habit

There are many ways to stop your dog from scratching and digging. if your dog has a digging problem. You can try some of the following tips.

  • If your dog scratches the ground to create a bed to rest in. You can provide it with a nice comfortable bed or blanked to lie on.
  • You can make your dog more comfortable by providing a chilled environment, through shade or a haze of cold water, during warm periods and a temperate place to rest during the colder periods of the year.
  • If your dog digs because it is bored. You can alleviate it by providing it with fun activities like a long walk or by playing with it using toys like a ball or stick.
  • You can teach your dog to only scratch or dig in certain areas of your yard by providing it with rewards when it does so and by disciplining it when it does not
  • Dogs generally don’t like to dig in soggy or muddy soil.
  • Some mention that pepper can help deter a dog from scratching or digging in an area as it may bother the dogs sensitive nose.

Indulge your pets in other activities

As a pet owner there are various activities you can engage in to help keep your dog happy and thus relieve its urge to dig. You should regularly take it for a long walk and spend time playing games with it.

Doing this helps your pet burn more energy through walks and play. It increases not only the dogs happiness, but also its overall health. By having a happier, less bored, pet you also effectively reduce unwanted digging behaviour.