Why do dogs shake their heads?

A dog will shake its head under normal conditions for a few reason, such as when the dog has just gotten out of the water or to shake seeds or burrs from its ear. Even a dog hair can irritate the dog enough to make it shake its head. When your dog shakes it head, it is important to check for any foreign objects, allergic reaction and bites in its mouth, throat and ears if you can.

If a dog shakes its head, it can indicate a problem. There are a variety of causes that can make a dog shake its head. A dog shakes its head from irritation, pain and illness.

You will find that a dog shakes its head from allergic reactions. A dog may react to food, pollen and insect bites by developing an allergy symptoms including shaking its head at the irritation or pain. A dog is susceptible to getting bitten in the ear by ticks, flies, mosquitoes and fleas.

A dog’s ears can become infected. Both the outer ear and the inner ear may be infected so it is important to regularly clean your dog’s ears as a part of its grooming routine. This way, you can find, clean and treat any burrs, tick or bites, etc. before it becomes more of a problem from the presence of a secondary infection. A build up of wax can be painful and indicate an infection and should be treated quickly.

There are other medical conditions that cause a dog to shake its head. These conditions require treatment. Examples of medical conditions and illnesses that can cause canine head shaking include distemper, epileptic seizures, mange, immune system related disease and head trauma.

Since pain, irritation and medical conditions can cause dogs to shake their heads, it is important that you seek a proper diagnosis for a dog that shakes its head. You may find the bite or foreign object yourself, but if further treatment is required, you should get medical treatment from your pet to prevent, reduce or otherwise effectively treat the cause of the canine head shaking.