Why does the dog gobble its food?

A dog is capable of gobbling its food very quickly. When you see a dog do this, it is easy to compare it to the ability of its ancient ancestor, the wolf, to eat more than a dozen pounds of meat at one sitting. This type of gobbling feat helped the wolf and wild dog species to survive in the dangerous world of predators.

A wolf or dog can gorge themselves quickly in case they do not get a meal again soon. In a world where the availability of your next meal was not sure, it helped to be able to eat much food in a short time before the food was taken away or eaten by another predator. In the wild predator’s world, there can be a predator just around the corner that is bigger the dog that has caught or found the food.

A larger animal may make a challenge for the food. The dog eats quickly to get as much of the food into itself before any challenge comes along and so that it has a chance to preserve some of the food for leaner times. The dog may also gobble the food so that it may bury the food for another meal later. A dog’s set of teeth are designed to cut, grab, hold, tear and crush its food quickly. A dog’s jaws cannot move sideways. Its large incisors are the main cutters that work with the jaws in an up and down motion for great efficiency. A dog may even over judge its ability to gobble food and take too much.

Dogs gobble their food because eating quickly will enable them to eat as much as they can before the next predator wants its fill or to hide it away for another time. Even though, domestic dogs are fed regularly, they still gobble their meals and their treats.